The ZkSync community responds to airdrop controversy

Exciting News: 3.6 billion ZK tokens are up for grabs in the upcoming zkSync airdrop! However, some members of the crypto community are raising concerns about the fairness of the distribution list.

zkSync, the zero-knowledge (ZK) layer-2 network, has finally confirmed the long-awaited airdrop for active participants on its blockchain. With over 695,000 users set to receive a portion of the 21 billion ZK tokens, this distribution marks a significant milestone for the project.

In a generous move, zkSync has allocated two-thirds of its token supply to the community. The remaining tokens are split between team members and investors, safeguarded by a four-year lock period.

Join the Discussion: zkSync Allocations Under Scrutiny

Despite the excitement surrounding the massive airdrop, some members of the community have raised concerns about zkSync’s eligibility criteria. The project recently disclosed a list of eligible wallet addresses on GitHub, revealing discrepancies that have sparked debates.

Suspiciously, certain wallet addresses associated with Sybil accounts – those controlled by a single entity – have amassed a significant number of tokens. This has left individual users feeling overlooked and excluded from the airdrop, raising questions about the fairness of the distribution process.

Notably, Polygon Labs CISO Mudit Gupta criticized zkSync for its lack of Sybil filtering, suggesting that some may have exploited the system to their advantage. As the wider DeFi community reacts to this development, concerns about transparency and fairness continue to dominate the conversation.

This year’s airdrops have sparked intense debates within the crypto community. Users investing time and effort into various protocols have been left disappointed by distribution strategies and tokenomics. With Starknet experiencing a decline in user engagement post-token announcement, the importance of fair and transparent airdrop processes has never been more evident.

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