Analyzing Michael Saylor’s Recent Prediction of Bitcoin Reaching $10M per Coin

  • Exciting News: BTC Predicted to Reach $10M per Coin by Michael Saylor!
  • Power Law Backs Up Forecast, But Let’s Explore the Details!

The latest on Bitcoin [BTC]: the price recently dropped to $62K, a 13% decrease from its peak of $71.9K in June. Despite this dip, Michael Saylor, the founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, remains incredibly optimistic about the future of the leading digital asset. 

During a recent interview, Saylor shared his bold vision of BTC reaching $10 million per coin, which he referred to as ‘economic immortality.’ He expressed

‘What sets perfect money apart from imperfect money? Perfect money equals economic immortality, while imperfect money has a short, harsh existence.’ 

Saylor drew parallels between traditional currency and imperfect money, highlighting that during crises – be it personal, corporate, business-related, or national – people tend to turn to Bitcoin for solutions. 

Are Michael Saylor’s Goals Attainable?

Michael Saylor Bitcoin

Source: Bitbo

Michael Saylor’s $10 million per BTC prediction is based on Power Law, a model that supports his vision, potentially by 2040. 

Power Law generates future estimates by analyzing past growth and historical trends through a logarithmic lens. Referring to the model and the accompanying chart, Bitbo observed

‘Post-2028, BTC’s price won’t dip below $100,000. It is anticipated to hit $1,000,000 per bitcoin between 2028 and 2037. Beyond 2037, the price should stay above $1,000,000.’

It’s essential to approach such projections cautiously since they don’t encompass technological advancements, regulatory shifts, or other variables that could impact BTC’s trajectory. 

Saylor has a history of making ambitious BTC forecasts. In December 2023, he declared that Bitcoin’s market cap might encompass 10%-20% of the world’s total wealth ($900-$1000 trillion). 

If this comes to fruition, as per Saylor, BTC could hit $10 million per coin by capturing 20% of global assets. Currently, BTC’s market value stands at $1.2 trillion, as per CoinMarketCap, representing less than 1% of the total global wealth. 

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