Toncoin outperforms Bitcoin with an impressive 160% increase, but there’s a twist.

  • Wow, Toncoin has really been on fire lately, outperforming BTC by over 160%!
  • TON is showing some impressive numbers in terms of on-chain metrics too.

Toncoin [TON] is making waves as the top Layer 1 Network competing head-to-head with Bitcoin [BTC] this year.

With a substantial lead of 160% over BTC and a growing number of active users, TON is clearly making a mark in the crypto world.

Despite these successes, some traders are still hesitant about TON due to negative sentiment surrounding the coin.

Toncoin Rockets Past Bitcoin with Over 100% Gains

A recent analysis by AMBCrypto revealed that Toncoin has been outpacing BTC in terms of price gains.

Starting the year at $2.3, TON has surged to approximately $6.8, marking a remarkable 200% increase.

By comparison, BTC started at $44,220 and rose to $62,400, representing a growth of 42%.

Source: TradingView

Toncoin’s growth has been nearly 160% higher than Bitcoin’s, showcasing its potential in the market.

Source: TradingView

Additionally, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) analysis indicates a bullish trend for Toncoin, while BTC is signaling a bear trend.

Toncoin Surpasses Bitcoin in Active Addresses

Toncoin’s active addresses have been soaring, surpassing Bitcoin’s numbers over the past month.

From 1,000 active addresses in March to over 10,800 currently, Toncoin’s network continues to expand rapidly.

Source: Santiment

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s active addresses, while still high, have seen a downward trend in recent times.

Even though Bitcoin has more total active addresses, Toncoin is showing more growth and user activity.

Bitcoin Positive, Toncoin Negative in Sentiment

Bitcoin’s Funding Rate on Coinglass remains positive, indicating a bullish sentiment.

On the flip side, Toncoin’s Funding Rate reflects a negative sentiment, with more sellers in the market.

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It’s clear that Bitcoin is currently dominating in positive sentiment, while Toncoin is facing a tougher market with more sellers.

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