Telegram-based play-to-earn Notcoin airdrop creates buzz on social media

Exciting news for all Notcoin gamers! We’re thrilled to announce that over 80 billion NOT tokens have been airdropped, with an amazing 90% of these tokens going to our dedicated “miners.”

For all those immersed in the Notcoin gaming world on Telegram, the airdrop has now arrived, with a whopping 80.2 billion NOT tokens being shared within our community on The Open Network blockchain. In an exclusive reveal to crypto.news, Notcoin has ensured that more than 90% of the distributed tokens have gone to our hardworking miners, while the remaining 7.9 billion NOT tokens are now available for redemption through NFT vouchers.

To add to the excitement, NOT is set to be listed on various centralized exchanges like Binance, OKX, and Bybit soon. Eligible users can claim their tokens directly through the Notcoin app, and on-chain withdrawal will be possible once the token is officially listed, as mentioned in the press release.

The Notcoin team is proud to have cultivated a community of 35 million members “without spending a penny on marketing,” citing the power of Telegram’s viral communication and the allure of FOMO as key factors in the game’s tremendous growth.

“More than just the fastest-growing, most popular game in blockchain history, Notcoin has now become a cultural phenomenon creating one of the largest, most engaged communities in Web3.”

Ryan Dennis, brand director at TON Foundation

Reflecting on this milestone, Sasha Plotvinov, the visionary behind Open Builders, a community of blockchain developers focused on The Open Network, emphasized the ecosystem’s commitment to transparency and a fair distribution process that mirrors the true mass adoption potential of crypto.

Introduced in late 2023, Notcoin stands as a unique clicker game embedded in The Open Network blockchain, where users can earn NOT tokens by simply tapping their screens while engaging with the mini Notcoin app on Telegram. As the game gained traction, in-game balances were seamlessly converted on a 1000:1 ratio, ensuring that every thousand in-game Notcoin converted to one valuable NOT token.

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