Is the buzz bordering Solana’s BOME coming to an end? A 50% minimize indicates…



  • BOME’s value has plummeted by more than 60% from its peak.
  • Statements of insider investing and problems with SLERF impacted investor confidence in BOME.

Hey there, curious crypto enthusiasts! Strap in for the rollercoaster ride that has been the memecoin scene lately, specially with the wild fluctuations in the worth of E book OF MEME [BOME] coin.

Just when BOME had everyone’s attention with its amazing surge very last 7 days, it took a nosedive of approximately 50% in the final 24 hours, as described by CoinMarketCap. Adding to the drama, its current market cap has shrunk by extra than 60% from its peak at the time of composing this.


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Resource: CoinMarketCap

Let’s delve into the superb increase and unexpected slide of BOME.

The colorful journey of BOME

Starting with a presale marketing campaign, BOME was dispersed to eager customers right after they staked SOL coins. This unique method not only kickstarted the challenge but also crafted a excitement in advance of its public release.

The demand for BOME skyrocketed afterward, attracting the consideration of major crypto exchanges like Binance, which made a decision to record the meme-pushed coin.

This “shitcoin,” as playfully termed by its creator DarkFarms, observed a whopping 22x boost in worth nearly overnight, fueled by social media fervor.

However, the immediate surge induced skepticism among the buyers. On-chain info observer LookonChain pointed out a substantial obtain of BOME tokens just several hours right before Binance’s listing announcement, sparking suspicions of insider trading.

Even with Binance’s reassurance following an inside inquiry that the involved user had no one-way links to them, the incident forged a shadow over BOME’s upcoming.

Incorporating to the turmoil, the mismanaged presale of a different Solana-based mostly memecoin, Slerf [SLERF], elevated additional uncertainties amid BOME traders.

Explaining the mishap, the task crew confessed to unintentionally burning $10 million of fundraising proceeds from the campaign.

At any time puzzled about the existing price of 1, 10, or 100 SOLs?

Are significant fish in search of a way out?

And the drama isn’t going to conclude there! BOME’s greatest trader, Sundayfundsy.sol, who scored major all through the presale with 1.43 billion BOMEs, unloaded a different 250 million on March 18th.

With more than 992 million tokens nonetheless in their possession, the intense revenue-taking by this player could dictate the long term trajectory of BOME’s selling price.

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