Solana Prepares for v1.18.15 Mainnet Upgrade; Will SOL Price Surge to $250?


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                <li>Exciting developments ahead with Solana's v1.18.15 mainnet upgrade.</li>

                <li>Upgrade aimed to alleviate network congestion amidst high demand and meme coin craze on Solana.</li>

                <li>Anticipation grows for SOL trading reaching a potential $210 upsurge.</li>


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Solana gears up for an imminent mainnet upgrade, urging validators to embrace a fresh stable release to fortify the Solana blockchain. The team readies itself to combat network strain caused by the meme coin fervor and the overwhelming need for Solana-based platform usage.

Readiness for Solana v1.18.15 Upgrade

Solana’s squad has officially endorsed the v1.18.15 release for widespread adoption in preparation for the mainnet upgrade, as detailed by a recent Solana Status update on June 10. This upgrade is pivotal in alleviating network congestion, particularly due to the influx of Solana-based meme coins. Validators on the mainnet beta are urged to transition to the v1.18.15 release.

The upgrade incorporates significant modifications such as a version bump to v1.18.15, a suitable stable release for deployment on Mainnet Beta. The GitHub release notes indicate the addition of certificate authority (ca) certificates to the Docker image, bug fixes for reinserting valid transactions into the queue, and enhancements in threshold failures metrics. Additionally, it will introduce scheduler optimizations like worker precompile verification and log shallow threshold checks only during the consensus process.

Validators under the mainnet beta umbrella are encouraged to update their systems when the delinquent stake is less than 5% and to promptly report any challenges encountered while monitoring nodes. The community of developers and validators eagerly anticipates this upgrade, having faced issues with previous updates disrupting network operations.

Anticipated SOL Price Surge to $250

Over the past day, SOL’s price surged by 1%, currently set at $159.62. The 24-hour trading range fluctuates between $158.83 and $162.92. However, trading volume has dipped by 20% in the last day, suggesting a temporary wane in trader interest.

Solana’s historical high stands at $260.06, with analysts predicting a potential new all-time high during this market cycle. SOL’s price exhibited a notable rally reaching $210 in March this year, but subsequent factors, including delays in Fed rate adjustments, quelled the rally. Traders are closely monitoring the $210 mark for a probable surge to $250.



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