Solana Mobile Announces Sale of Its Second Cryptocurrency-Enabled Smartphone

Solana Mobile Crypto

Solana Mobile, the developer behind the Saga crypto smartphone, plans to release a second handset aimed at making crypto applications more accessible. According to a source, the upcoming smartphone will offer similar core functionality to the original Saga but at a reduced price point to appeal to a wider audience.

While the first Saga helped establish a niche for specialized crypto phones, its $1000 price tag meant mass-market uptake remained limited. The new model looks to reduce barriers by delivering the same crypto and decentralized app (dApp) capabilities through more affordable hardware.

Planned specifications and features

Solana Mobile Crypto

Few details are yet known about the planned specifications. However, the source indicated the phone would utilize different hardware compared to the Saga while retaining its customizable Android-based operating system optimized for cryptocurrency and blockchain usage.

Key features carried over from the original Saga are expected to include an integrated non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for storing digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum natively on the device. A curated marketplace, or ‘dApp store’, will likewise provide a way to browse and install decentralized applications built for the crypto ecosystem directly from the phone.

Building on Saga’s success

Solana Mobile Crypto

The launch of a second device comes as cryptocurrencies gain real-world adoption and awareness grows around decentralized technologies like NFTs and DeFi applications. While the first Saga phone saw mixed success following its limited release last year, a series of high-value airdrops to owners develop enthusiasm around the platform.

According to the source, these airdrops of tokens and NFTs from crypto startups and games, sometimes worth thousands of dollars, played a role in revitalizing the Saga community and driving up resale prices for the phones. At the same time, they highlighted strong ongoing interest from blockchain developers to build specialized hardware optimized for the crypto user experience.

Targeting broader audience

By developing a new handset at a lower price point, Solana Mobile aims to target a broader mainstream audience beyond the initial niche of crypto-savvy users and collectors. With cryptocurrency adoption increasingly going mainstream and decentralized technologies maturing, the company perceives a sizable demand for more accessible and user-friendly hardware designed specifically for the crypto experience.

The previously high $1000 cost barrier meant mass-market potential was limited for Saga despite enthusiastic uptake from some early adopters. By addressing this issue head-on with a more affordable second device, Solana Mobile hopes its new model can find footing with the growing number of regular smartphone owners now exploring cryptocurrency as part of a wider digital asset trend.

Developer and community support

Solana Mobile Crypto

To reinforce developer interest, Solana Mobile is initiating various programs focused on the new handset, according to sources. This will include seed funding and support for mobile applications targeting its customized Android platform from qualified blockchain startups and independent developers.

At the same time, the company is ramping up community engagement efforts through dedicated online forums and channels. This continues the emphasis on cultivating grassroots advocacy around its specialized phones, which helped drive initial word-of-mouth momentum for the original Saga device. If successful, such initiatives could foster vibrant third-party application and content ecosystems around both existing and future Solana Mobile smartphones.

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