XRP Advocate John Deaton Criticizes Warren and SEC for Handling of Crypto Regulation

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Upholding Investor Protection in the Crypto Sphere

In a recent turn of events, John Deaton, a reputed advocate for XRP, has raised concerns regarding the SEC and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s actions. Deaton alleges a lack of focus on safeguarding investors in their decisions, particularly pointing fingers at SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. According to Deaton, these failures have resulted in significant financial losses for individual investors.


Deaton’s criticisms come on the heels of discussions in the Senate, where Senator Warren advised against SAB 121. Deaton believes his efforts have surpassed those of Gensler in championing investor rights, citing a favorable ruling as proof. He stresses the importance of consumer protection in the realm of cryptocurrency.


Advocating for sensible crypto regulations, Deaton calls out the SEC for failing to prevent notable collapses like FTX, Terra, and Celsius. He argues that the SEC should focus on legitimate entities like Ripple, Coinbase, and others, rather than turning a blind eye to fraudulent activities.


In a bold move, Deaton hints at undisclosed meetings between Gensler and Sam Bankman-Fried, suspecting favoritism due to notable contributions to the current administration. This alleged bias highlights systemic flaws within regulatory bodies, raising concern about transparency and fairness in the crypto space.


Drawing attention to the SEC’s erratic actions, such as the case of Coinbase IPO, Deaton emphasizes the need for consistent and fair regulations in the cryptocurrency sector. He believes that political influences are distorting the SEC’s objectives, leaving investors at the mercy of conflicting decisions and policies.

Ensuring Focus on Vital Local Issues

Earlier criticisms also reflected Deaton’s disappointment with Senator Warren’s stance on stablecoins, which he views as a distraction from urgent local issues. He emphasizes the importance of addressing community concerns such as immigration, economic disparities, and public health rather than political agendas that jeopardize investor welfare.


Deaton underlines a worrying trend where political narratives take precedence over genuine investor protection, expressing concerns about the potential consequences for the crypto market. His critique aligns with broader worries about the SEC’s regulatory strategies under Gensler’s leadership.


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