What Happened to Over 50 Million USDT Blacklisted by Tether?

Exciting news alert! Tether, the genius minds behind the popular stablecoin, are on a mission! They recently hit the blacklist button on five mysterious wallets that mysteriously acquired a total of 54.1 million USDT. How did they know? Well, the genius detectives at Arkham Intelligence spilled the beans.

Just a couple of days back, a sneaky transfer popped up on their radar. It all started from a wallet that has been spreading its wealth to various other wallets over the past six months. Suspicious, right?

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Tether has been on a roll rootin’ out questionable addresses. They once froze a whopping 225 million USDT tokens in cahoots with OKX and the US Department of Justice. Why? Oh, just a little investigation into a human trafficking ring tied to a romance scam in Southeast Asia. No biggie!

With the bigwigs keeping an eye out, Tether is all about playing by the rules. They’re cracking down on suspicious behavior and giving shady wallets the boot.

Want more juicy details? You gotta see this!

Switching gears, word on the street is that Kraken, a popular crypto exchange, is mulling over ditching Tether (USDT). Why? To stay squeaky clean with the European Union’s new cryptocurrency rules coming in July. Kraken’s pondering some options, but one includes saying sayonara to Tether, the golden child of their EU trades.

The upcoming EU regulations are expected to shake things up for Tether Holdings Ltd.’s USDT stablecoin. It’s all about keeping things in check and making sure Tether sticks to its promise of being pegged to the dollar.

As the European Banking Authority does its final tweaks, stablecoins are getting a makeover. They’re gonna make sure traders can still whip those digital assets between exchanges with ease and keep their wealth secure from wild token price swings.

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