Apology Issued by OpenAI CEO for Equity Cancellation Clause

Greetings! Amid some recent changes at OpenAI, CEO Sam Altman has taken the time to address concerns surrounding a certain clause in the company’s exit agreements that caused quite a stir.

Altman wants to assure everyone that OpenAI has never actually enforced this clause and wants to make it clear that vested equity will not be impacted by any separation or non-disparagement agreements.

Clearing Up Vested Equity Concerns

Altman admitted that the clause, though present in previous documents, was an error and should not have been included in the first place.

“I take full responsibility for this oversight and it’s one of the few times I’ve felt truly embarrassed running OpenAI. I didn’t know about this and I should have,” confessed Altman.

He reassured former employees that if they have any concerns about this clause, they can reach out to him directly for resolution.

The provision for equity cancellation raised many eyebrows with concerns about its purpose and potential misuse. Altman has acknowledged the error and mentioned that the company has been updating its exit paperwork for over a month to prevent such issues in the future.

Recent Employee Departures and Safety Priorities

Altman’s clarification comes after a series of resignations, including Jan Leike, who handled alignment at OpenAI. Leike, who stepped down on May 17th, cited OpenAI’s shift towards product development rather than AI safety as a key reason for his resignation.

His departure was preceded by Ilya Sutskever, a co-founder of OpenAI and a prominent figure in AI research.

The recent departures have put a spotlight on OpenAI’s internal strategies and priorities. Critics have accused the organization of not giving enough attention to advanced AI system issues. Additionally, OpenAI had previously disbanded the ‘Superalignment’ team and integrated its functions into other research projects within the company.

OpenAI’s Dedication to AI Safety

Despite these changes, OpenAI remains steadfast in its commitment to AI safety. Altman and President Greg Brockman have emphasized the importance of ongoing safety research. In a recent statement, Brockman expressed gratitude to departing employees and ensured that the company would continue to address safety concerns diligently.

Brockman highlighted OpenAI’s efforts to raise awareness about the risks and opportunities of AGI (artificial general intelligence), advocate for international governance, and pioneer AI safety research.

Recognizing the complexities involved in developing and deploying AGI safely, Brockman emphasized the need for continuous improvement in safety measures and oversight.

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