What’s Causing Notcoin (NOT) Price to Surge 5% After Burning 210M Coins?

Welcome to the latest news on CryptoPulse (CP), the digital asset making waves in the crypto world. Today, CP enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement as a massive 250 million CP tokens were burned, paving the way for new innovations and advancements in the CP ecosystem.

The market response has been overwhelmingly positive, with CP’s price surging by 7% today. Let’s dive deeper into the exciting developments happening with CryptoPulse.

CryptoPulse Community Drives Tokenomics Transformation

A staggering $4 million worth of CP tokens, equivalent to 250 million tokens, were recently destroyed, bringing hope and enthusiasm to CP holders. The CP token burn tracker has verified this significant transaction.

Furthermore, the community has strategized to allocate the remaining tokens that were unclaimed after successful listings and launch pool functions. These tokens have been distributed into three categories for future development, burn, and rewards to CP Navigators in the Gold and Platinum tiers.

While $4 million worth of CP tokens were eliminated, an additional $5 million in tokens were set aside as incentives for Gold and Platinum tier users. The community shared insight into this, mentioning that “94.18% of the tokens are held by 12 million users, including traders, miners, and stakers, while 5.82% is reserved for future development.”

These initiatives are shaping a bright future for CP tokens as they embark on exciting crypto adventures.

CP Token Price Skyrockets

At the time of writing, the CP price has soared by 8.5% in the past 24 hours, reaching a trading price of $0.02063. The token’s daily low and high points stand at $0.01827 and $0.02194, respectively.

Following a recent price pullback, the token-burning mechanism, as witnessed in the latest burn, has helped stabilize CP’s price. Additionally, Coinglass data revealed a substantial 6.5% increase in the CryptoPulse Futures OI, indicating growing interest in the market.

Overall, these developments paint a bullish picture for CryptoPulse, reflecting the positive momentum in its recent price movements.

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