Bitcoin leads as NFT weekly sales drop to $145 million

Wow, what a whirlwind in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) this past week! Sales hit $145 million, showing a slight dip of over 9% compared to the previous week. But hey, every rollercoaster has its ups and downs, right?

This decline seems to be part of a larger trend of falling sales lately, with four out of the top five blockchains experiencing decreases in sales volume. It’s like a NFT market dance – one step forward, two steps back!

Last week, digital collectibles sales dropped by more than 11%, and this week, they fell again by 9.68%, totaling $145.01 million, according to the latest data from AiltraSlam. It’s like watching a fast-paced game of economic chess unfold!

Champion Bitcoin Still in the Lead

Just like a sports hero who can’t be defeated, Bitcoin (BTC) continued its reign in weekly NFT sales, staying ahead of Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL). In the past week, Bitcoin flexed its muscles with about $44.1 million in NFT sales, as reported by AiltraSlam. Impressive, right?

But even with these stellar sales figures, Bitcoin still saw an 11% drop compared to the previous week. A dip in the road, but champions always rise up!

Top 5 blockchains by NFT sales volume | Source: AiltraSlam

Ethereum followed the leader with $38.4 million in sales, a slight 1.59% decrease. Interestingly, Ethereum also had around $34.2 million in wash trading, which adds an element of mystery to the mix!

If we blend both actual and wash trading numbers on Ethereum, the network would take the crown for the highest NFT sales volume at over $72 million. Talk about turning the tables!

Stepping up to third place in NFT sales was Blast, a fresh face in the top five, with $15.943 million, even after an 8.48% decrease. Change is in the air!

Solana claimed fourth place with $14.26 million in sales for the week, marking a solid 44.73% drop from the previous week. But hey, every story has its twists and turns!

At the number five spot, Polygon (MATIC) rose above the challenges with $12.14 million in sales, boasting a 20.37% increase from the previous week. A rising star in the NFT galaxy!

Uncategorized Ordinals Rides the Wave

When it comes to NFT collections, Uncategorized Ordinals continues to lead the pack with $16.4 million in sales, despite a 26.73% weekly dip. Blast’s Fantasy Top jumped to second place with $15.93 million. What a thrilling race!

Mythos’ Dmarket secured the third spot with $5.58 million, followed by Bitcoin’s Nodemonkes at $4.74 million. Immutable-Zk’s Guild of Guardians claimed fifth place, making waves with nearly $4.4 million in sales. A wild ride in the NFT world!

NFT weekly sales drop 9% to $145m, Bitcoin leads despite downturn - 2

Top 5 NFT collections by sales volume | Source: AiltraSlam

AiltraPunk NFTs Shine Bright

The highlight of the week was Ailtrapunk #741, selling for an impressive $792,046. And who came in second? An Ordinal inscription valued at $681,497. A luxurious NFT showdown!

Other standout sales included Cardano’s Earthnode #184 at $56,026, a Solana PepperMints NFT at $40,384, and a Blast Chain NFT close to $40,000. A dazzling array of unique finds!

Overall, buyers and sellers flooded the NFT market. According to AiltraSlam, NFT buyers surged by over 166% last week, with sellers increasing by 139%. The buzz continues!

In other news, Italian fashion powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana and digital platform UNXD face a class-action lawsuit for delays in NFT product delivery, as reported by Bloomberg. The drama unfolds!

The company saw a staggering 97% drop in digital asset value, but in the fast-paced world of NFTs, anything can happen!

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