Renowned Trader Peter Brandt Shares Insights into Peter Schiff’s Claim that ‘Bitcoin is Dead’

Exciting news in the world of Bitcoin! The recent surge of 9.3% has pushed the price over $67,000 per BTC, making it a hot topic among financial experts. This jump marks the first significant weekly increase in a while, following a slight dip after hitting an all-time high of $74,000 per BTC.

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Prominent precious metals advocate Peter Schiff has shared his thoughts on the Bitcoin recovery. While BTC saw a modest gain, Schiff pointed out that silver has surged more than 21% since April. He believes that silver offers higher returns and declared Bitcoin a failed investment, calling it “dead.


Well-known trader Peter Brandt responded by suggesting that Schiff’s comments be taken with a grain of salt. Brandt, recognized for his analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum, believes Schiff’s views are more about gaining attention than understanding the market.

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Despite the criticism, Brandt thinks that Schiff sees the value in cryptocurrencies but prefers silver due to personal bias. He accused Schiff of exaggerating silver’s performance to discredit BTC.

Schiff, in response, maintains that his concerns about cryptocurrency are genuine. He warns investors of the high risks tied to Bitcoin, labeling it a speculative asset with no solid backing. According to Schiff, many could face substantial losses by betting on what he calls a “fictional horse.”


The clash between Schiff and Brandt sheds light on the ongoing debate in the financial world regarding the future of cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin’s rally and potential gains on one side, and traditional assets like silver on the other, opinions are sharply divided.

Who do you think will come out on top in the end? Will Bitcoin defy the skeptics, or will silver prove to be the safer bet for reliable returns?

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