This Crypto Trader Made $160,000 From Trump’s Conviction – Here’s How

Imagine being the kind of person who can see an opportunity and seize it. That’s exactly what happened with this savvy crypto trader when news broke of Trump’s legal troubles. Yes, you heard that right – Donald Trump, the former US President, found guilty of 34 felonies, from faking records to escape scandalous situations with Stormy Daniels to shady deals involving hush money for his 2016 campaign.

But wait, there’s more. The market exploded with Trump-themed meme coins, and some lucky investors struck gold, making millions in just a blink of an eye.

Turning Trump Drama into Gold: Meet the Crypto Traders

According to Loockonchain analytics, one crypto trader invested 85 SOL ($14.6K) in the FREE TRUMP tokens, turning it into a whopping 814 SOL worth $140,000. In just five hours, boom! A profit of $125,000. Then, with 72 SOL tokens ($12.3K), they played the NEVER SURRENDER (TRUMP) game, selling at the right time to pocket 243 SOL or $42,000 profit from the initial purchase of $26.9K.

In a matter of hours, this trader made $167,000, proving that clever moves can pay off big time in the crypto world.

After the guilty verdict, Trump-themed #MEMEcoins emerged, enticing traders into a frenzy.

A smart trader made ~ 972 $SOL($167K) in 5 hours trading FREE TRUMP( $FREE) and NEVER SURRENDER( $TRUMP).

He spent 85 $SOL($14.6K) to buy $FREE and sold forโ€ฆ pic.twitter.com/G1uEO49Zw6

โ€” Lookonchain (@lookonchain) May 31, 2024

And this story is not a one-off. It seems like there are many such opportunistic traders out there, turning heads and making waves in the crypto universe. Who would’ve thought that making a fortune as a meme coin investor would become the new norm, especially on the Solana network, the go-to platform for meme coin enthusiasts? The space is buzzing with new meme coins popping up almost daily.

But Wait, How Are These Trump-Themed Coins Doing Now?

At this moment, FREE TRUMP (FREE) is trading at $0.04018, enjoying a 12% jump from yesterday. With a market cap of $4M and a trading volume of $3.35M, it’s showing promising signs after a slight dip from its peak of $0.0755. Oh, and during the verdict, FREE’s price shot up by a whopping 633%, a windfall for all crypto traders.

As for NEVER SURRENDER (TRUMP), the momentum is strong. Surging by 121.78%, the coin now holds a value of $0.00001703, gaining massive traction in a short period, with a market cap of $6.4M and trading volume reaching $9.03M.

Exciting times in the crypto world, right? Stay tuned for more crypto updates and the hottest picks for the month ahead!




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