Dan Tapiero: Bitcoin Charts Showing Strong Bullish Trends

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Dan Tapiero, the co-founder of Gold Bullion International and 10T Holdings, has recently made an exciting Bitcoin price forecast on his X account.

He expressed his optimism by tweeting that Bitcoin’s current chart setup is showing signs of being “scary bullish.”

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Sharing two Bitcoin charts on Twitter, Tapiero confidently stated that the charts are indicating a bullish trend for Bitcoin. He anticipates that Bitcoin will surpass the $65,000 mark soon, leading it to reach $90,000 and potentially even higher.

Tapiero mentioned that the ongoing sideways movement in the market is almost complete and hinted at surprises awaiting traders and investors. Despite the lack of a specific catalyst for the Bitcoin bull run, Tapiero emphasized that the catalyst is not a critical factor in this scenario – “Specific catalyst unclear but it doesn’t matter.”

In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin’s value has experienced a 3.18% decline followed by a 1.29% increase. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $61,950. Despite two unsuccessful attempts to break past the $63,300 resistance zone, Bitcoin has been striving to reclaim the $65,000 level since May 6.

Following Bitcoin’s halving event in April, which reduced the block reward to 3.125 BTC, many experts anticipate a significant price surge either later this year or in 2025. Additionally, the continuous accumulation of Bitcoin by spot ETFs, approved for trading by the SEC in January, can serve as another catalyst for price growth.

Expert Advice from Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned investor and author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” frequently promotes Bitcoin on social media. In a recent tweet, he warned about the potential crash of the U.S. dollar amidst rumors of BRICS countries planning to introduce a gold-backed cryptocurrency.

Kiyosaki advised his followers to consider investing in Bitcoin, gold, and silver as a safeguard against the potential devaluation of the U.S. dollar if such a scenario unfolds.

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