Senate Passes Crypto Bill Allowing Banks to Hold Bitcoin Despite Warren’s Concerns

Hey there, folks! Today, we’re diving into the latest buzz surrounding U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and her plea to the Senate to reject a proposed bill that would enable heavily regulated financial institutions to offer custody services for Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Her main worry revolves around the safety and security of digital assets being handled by traditional financial entities. This issue is surfacing amidst ongoing discussions on the best way to incorporate cryptocurrencies into the existing financial framework.

Elizabeth Warren’s Stand Against Crypto Legislation

Senator Warren has voiced her disapproval of digital assets for some time now, often linking them to illicit activities like terrorism and misconduct. Just last month, she penned a letter emphasizing the risks associated with stablecoins and their potential exploitation by rogue nations and terrorist groups. Warren’s primary fear is that entrusting financial institutions with digital assets could open the door to various vulnerabilities. She argues that the lack of solid regulatory structures around cryptocurrencies makes them susceptible to misuse and fraudulent activities, posing a threat to the financial system.


Her concern stems from the belief that although digital assets are innovative, they need stringent oversight to deter nefarious actors. By advocating for voting against the bill, Elizabeth Warren is showcasing her skepticism towards cryptocurrencies and their incorporation into mainstream finance. Without proper checks and balances, Warren warns, the financial system could face new vulnerabilities, potentially leading to severe financial instability.

Senate Greenlights Crypto Custody Bill

Nevertheless, Senator Warren’s position has encountered fierce opposition. Senator Cynthia Lummis, for instance, is advocating for a YES vote on the bill, asserting that heavily regulated financial institutions are the safest custodians for digital assets. Lummis argues that these institutions possess the necessary infrastructure and experience to securely manage digital assets, thus ensuring investor protection.


Further chiming in, XRP pro-crypto advocate John Deaton criticized Warren’s fixation on digital assets, deeming it a misplaced priority. Deaton pointed out that Massachusetts is grappling with several pressing issues like illegal immigration, deficit spending, and income disparity that deserve more attention than regulating cryptocurrencies. He suggested that Warren’s actions seem more aligned with serving the banking industry’s interests rather than tackling the state’s urgent problems.


Despite Senator Warren’s call to action, the Senate proceeded to overturn Gensler’s anti-crypto rule SAB121 with a majority of 51 votes in favor. Notably, key Democratic senators crossed party lines to support the repeal. The decision now lies with President Biden, who must decide whether to veto the bill or allow it to become law.


The President’s choice holds substantial political weight. A veto could align him with anti-crypto sentiments, potentially estranging pro-crypto voters and industry players. Conversely, approving the bill marks a step towards modernizing the financial sector and embracing technological progress. This pivotal decision could sway voter sentiments in the upcoming election, marking a crucial moment for the Biden administration.

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