Comparing Bitgert Coin’s Rise to Solana’s Growth Path

Revolutionizing the blockchain community is no easy task, but with the emergence of coins like Solana, the potential for growth and innovation has never been greater. Solana set out to enhance the scalability and speed of blockchain networks, and while it has made significant strides, newer players are now stepping up to the plate.


Bitgert has taken up the mantle of leading the charge in modernizing blockchain technology. The unique advantages offered by Bitgert have attracted a multitude of web3 projects, with the BRISE coin playing a crucial role in improving transactional networks. The crypto market is now abuzz with support for Bitgert and its potential to revolutionize the industry.


Curious to see how Bitgert is making waves and possibly following in Solana’s footsteps? Let’s dive in!

Looking at Solana’s Trajectory

In 2020, Solana burst onto the scene with the goal of expanding the use of DeFi worldwide. By utilizing a combination of PoH and PoS consensus mechanisms, Solana offers faster transactions and streamlined computation. The introduction of smart contract functionality within the Solana ecosystem paved the way for large-scale web3 projects.


Solana quickly garnered a reputation as the “Ethereum killer” due to its exceptional speed, boasting a staggering 65k TPS. Additionally, Solana’s cost-effective transaction architecture made it a favorite among users. The resounding success of Solana was built on offering speed and scalability to crypto projects, but as it nears saturation, a new contender, like Bitgert, has emerged with even more promising features.

Bitgert’s Rise as Solana Killer

The arrival of the Bitgert chain in late 2021 signaled a new chapter for the crypto world. After facing challenges in its initial years, Bitgert is now soaring to new heights in 2024, offering unparalleled features to users.


Bitgert aims to enhance scalability and modernize the blockchain ecosystem. Positioned as a potential altcoin disruptor, Bitgert operates on a PoA mechanism combined with PoS for efficient computation, scalability, and lightning-fast transaction speeds. Boasting a TPS of 100k, Bitgert offers even faster transactions than Solana, coupled with near-zero gas fees, making it an attractive choice for users.

Additionally, Bitgert is EVM compatible and adopts a web3-centric product development strategy. The meteoric rise of Bitgert’s BRISE coin, surging by 40,000% since its launch, showcases its potential within the market. With a trajectory mirroring Solana’s journey, Bitgert is poised to revolutionize blockchain technology even further.


As Solana reaches a turning point, the demand for superior alternatives is evident. Bitgert offers creators and developers an opportunity to host large web3 projects at minimal cost and faster speeds, attracting a growing number of users to its network. By investing in Bitgert and its native token, you too can be part of this transformative journey towards success.


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